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Automating my Rice

I spent the bigger part of today writing a small script that cylces through all my Themer themes, opens a dmenu, prints the theme name with figlet and shows screenfetch before taking a picture. The script is pretty straightforward:


for theme in $(themer list); do
  themer activate $theme
  sleep 20 # wait for bar :/
  dmenu -p "Launch:" $(~/.i3/dmenuconf) < ~/.cache/dmenu_run &
  toilet --gay $theme
  themer current

  sleep 1
  scrot $theme.png
  kill $dmenupid

So here are all my current themes:

The wallpaper for the last one is intended to be tiled, not stretched, but that currently requries a manual change in my i3 config:

I am thinking about implementing this as a Themer feature, but it would require it’s own presentation plugin type, so everyone can choose their own commands, bars, and waiting time.

You can find more information about Themer on the github page, along with all my config files.