pleasant ideas with silicon

other projects

  • 0xC.pad: a macropad with hexagonal keys
  • themer: colorscheme generator and manager for your desktop.
  • btrktrl: a FPGA-based modular MIDI/OSC control surface
  • chimpanzee_bukkaque: a ludic mesh of home-built interactive sound devices, circuit bent toys and an improvisational live performance.
  • HowDoIOS: dcpu-16 operating system.
  • VJmidiKit: MIDI-reactive realtime visual effects platform.
  • iii-telefoni: an experiment on human communication.
  • demoloops: geometric 2d and 3d looping animations.
  • gayngine: photoshop-document-based 2d game engine.
  • vcv_mods: Plugins for VCV Rack, designed for Oscilloscope Music.