fun stuff with code and wires
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mmm is not the www, because it runs on MoonScript.
You can find the source code of everything here.
Most of the inner-workings of this page are documented in mmmfs.

about me

i am s-ol bekic, a designer and creative technologist currently based in cologne.
if you are looking for an overview over my work or skillset, take a look at my portfolio.


articles and papers

  • mmmfs: a file, operating and content-management system to live in (powers this site)
  • realities: exploring the nesting relationships of virtual and other realities


other projects

  • HowDoIOS: dcpu-16 operating system.
  • VJmidiKit: MIDI-reactive realtime visual effects platform.
  • btrktrl: a FPGA-based modular MIDI/OSC control surface
  • chimpanzee_bukkaque: a ludic mesh of home-built interactive sound devices, circuit bent toys and an improvisational live performance.
  • demoloops: geometric 2d and 3d looping animations.
  • gayngine: photoshop-document-based 2d game engine.
  • iii-telefoni: an experiment on human communication.
  • themer: colorscheme generator and manager for your desktop.
  • vcv_mods: Plugins for VCV Rack, designed for Oscilloscope Music.

various experiments

  • center_of_mass: Fonts aligned by Center-of-Mass
  • glitch_cube: program interpreting random parts of itself as textures for a cube.
  • parallax_panels: A Parallax SVG Viewer, for Prototyping (Eurorack) Panels
  • tags: defining toggles, categories etc. with tags and functional hooks
  • torus4d: Attempt at rendering a spiral pattern on a 4d meta-torus.

about mmm

mmm is a collection of Lua/Moonscript modules for web development. All modules are 'polymorphic' - they can run in the browser, using the native browser API for creating and interacting with DOM content, as well as on the server, where they operate on and produce equivalent HTML strings.

As the two implementations of each module are designed to be compatible, mmm facilitates code and content sharing between server and client and enables serverside rendering and rehydration.

  • mmm.dom: a lightweight DSL for creating HTML documents
  • mmm.component: a small and DOM-centric framework for reactive web interfaces