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Today I started working on the HTTP server that finds, converts and serves content stored in the (SQL) backend just-in-time (later the server could also cache content).

The server can handle these types of requests:

Fileder Index Requests

A request like GET /path/to/fileder/ (note the trailing slash) is used to query the contents of a fileder. It solicits a JSON-encoded response that contains the full paths to all children of this fileder, as well as all facets currently stored, e.g:

  "children": [
  "facets": [
    ["", "text/moonscript -> fn -> mmm/dom"],
    ["name", "alpha"],
    ["title", "text/plain"]

Facet Requests

A request like GET /path/to/fileder/facet_name is used to query a facet. To differentiate a request for the ‘unnamed’ facet from an index request, unnamed facets are represented as a : character instead. The type to ask for can be specified in a MMM-Accept header separately, it defaults to text/html.

The server either sends back the (possibly converted) facet with a 200 OK status, or a 406 Not Acceptable error if no conversion was possible.

I also restructured the code a bit and moved some of the HTML-rendering code into the main mmmfs code. Then I renamed the text/html type to text/html+frag, since it refers to only a fragment of HTML code, not a whole document, and added a new convert from text/html+frag to text/html that wraps the fragment in the HTML template and style.

the full code change is in commits 81e143f and ad26c7c