fun ideas and code and wires
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I have worked with a wide range of technologies and frameworks. Below you can find a breakdown of the ones I am proficient in.
You can click on any of the tags marked in bold to filter the projects below accordingly.

  • spoken languages
    • excellent english
    • native german
    • good italian
  • software programming
  • hardware and embedded programming
    • PCB Design
    • embedded programming (C++) and interfacing
    • FPGA development (Verilog)
  • other
    • Linux
    • docker, docker-compose
    • HTML, CSS

selected projects

  • alv

    an innovative realtime programming language

    • Lisp syntax, dataflow semantics
    • designed to be edited while running
    • whole program is reloaded on evaluation, but state is guaranteed to be retained
    • Atom plugin for realtime state visualisation
    • integrates with soft- & hardware for performances (MIDI, OSC, SuperCollider)
  • btrktrl

    a custom MIDI/OSC control surface

    • encoders with capacitive touch and RGB feedback
    • custom PCBs based on iCE40 FPGAs
    • motherboard with Arduino MCU
    • communication via OSC/USB
    • individually programmable daughterboards
  • VJmidiKit

    a tool for MIDI-reactive visuals

    • GLSL shader livecoding
    • block-based language for MIDI-music reactivity
    • implemented in openFrameworks/C++
  • Plonat Atek

    a sound-only breakout game, displayable on an oscilloscope

    • uses stereo sound to draw visuals on an oscilloscope
    • programmed in PureData
    • runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero in a custom case with hardware controls
    • 1st place in Innovation, LudumDare 38 Compo
  • tre telefoni

    an experimental interactive installation piece about communication

    • realtime voice chat between three participants, in an unusual configuration
    • web-based prototype
      • realized using webRTC, react
      • 3-player matchmaking
  • 1u matrix mixer

    a eurorack module

    • embedded programming for a Eurorack module
    • C++, targetting Teensy 3.5
    • 8 encoders with RGB lighting
    • digtally controls a 8x8 switching matrix and 8 channels of volume modulation
  • mmm

    an experimental file-system/CMS/digital working space

    • powers this website
    • implemented in Lua/MoonScript
    • innovative type-coercion system
    • client/server polymorphic UI framework
    • built-in server-side rendering and interactive editing support
  • Toy Box Orchestra

    an interactive audio-visual performance project

    • circuit bent childrens' toys
    • developed a realtime video effect inspired by analog video synthesisers in openframeworks and GLSL
    • interactive MIDI controls for the effect for performing it on stage

professional work

I have worked for or with the following companies and organisations in the past:

  • Vectronom / Ludopium

    July 2018 - Decemer 2019

    Technical Artist, Game Development

    • Unity/C# development (gameplay, UI, tools)
    • backend for storing and sharing UGC across platforms
      • SQL-backed storage of user-created levels
      • implemented in clojure with clojure-ring
      • integration with Steam and Nintendo services
    • development of tech for showcase booths
      • realtime speedrunning leaderboard (node, react)
      • custom RGB LED driver and lettering
    • porting to Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, tvOS
    • HLSL shader palette system
  • Harold Halibut / Slow Bros

    April 2019 - ongoing (consulting)

    Tool & Game Development

    • Unity/C# development
      • developed multiple mini-games and interactions
    • tool development
    • shader programming
    • porting (various consoles)
  • rise technologies

    April 2016 - April 2019

    Full-Stack Development, Web & App

    • front-end development (react, material-ui)
    • back-end development
      • main application (meteor.js, node, MongoDB)
      • microservice architecture (node, RabbitMQ)
      • notification handling & delivery (APN, FCM)
    • mobile development
    • webRTC conferencing (janus-gateway)
      • contributed C patches reinforcing the communication security for our needs
      • implemented client-side logic
      • implemented gateway orchestration
    • dev-ops
      • designed and implemented a custom CI system
      • designed deployment infrastructure on MS Azure (docker, docker-compose)
      • supervised migration from MS Azure to Amazon AWS
  • ForChange Reserach Fund

    March - June 2017 (consulting)

    Game Design and Development

    • designed 'Lorem Ipsum' together with two research scientists
      • design goal was to communicate their research findings
      • created a paper prototype
      • designed a 4-player social game about truth and perspectives
    • developed the game as a web application
      • front-end using react
      • back-end hosts game sessions via WebSockets
      • joining games via link or QR-code scanning (in-app)
      • gameplay implemented in immutable/functional-style