cool ideas with shaders
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mmm is not the www, because it runs on MoonScript.
You can find the source code of everything here.
Most of the inner-workings of this page are documented in mmmfs.

about me

i am s-ol bekic, a designer and creative technologist currently based in milano.
if you are looking for an overview over my work or skillset, take a look at my portfolio.


also check out my weekly posts for the 2020 FabAcademy on my fabcloud page.


  • realities: exploring the nesting relationships of virtual and other realities
  • mmmfs: a file, operating and content-management system to live in (powers this site)
  • watch-cad: immediate-mode scripting for direct-manipulation of graphics
  • alivecoding: livecoding with persistent expressions


other projects

  • 0xC.pad: a macropad with hexagonal keys
  • themer: colorscheme generator and manager for your desktop.
  • btrktrl: a FPGA-based modular MIDI/OSC control surface
  • chimpanzee_bukkaque: a ludic mesh of home-built interactive sound devices, circuit bent toys and an improvisational live performance.
  • HowDoIOS: dcpu-16 operating system.
  • VJmidiKit: MIDI-reactive realtime visual effects platform.
  • iii-telefoni: an experiment on human communication.
  • demoloops: geometric 2d and 3d looping animations.
  • gayngine: photoshop-document-based 2d game engine.
  • vcv_mods: Plugins for VCV Rack, designed for Oscilloscope Music.

various experiments

  • glitch_cube: program interpreting random parts of itself as textures for a cube.
  • torus4d: Attempt at rendering a spiral pattern on a 4d meta-torus.
  • center_of_mass: Fonts aligned by Center-of-Mass
  • parallax_panels: A Parallax SVG Viewer, for Prototyping (Eurorack) Panels