cool stuff with electronics
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hey there!

I’m s-ol bekic, a designer and creative technologist currently based in milano.
I like hacking on and learning about as much of our technologic stack as possible, from mechanical design and manufacturing, to electronics and software.


I write blog posts or short articles sometimes. Here's the five latest posts:


  • 0x33.board

    music hardware product
    a 48-key isomorphic MIDI key controller.
  • isomorpic-kb-explorer

    software music tool
    a web-based tool to visualize different hexagonal music layouts.
  • RPG dice box

    a 3d-printed container for my Ironsworn dice.
  • cylindrical container

    trying out a thread die for the first time on the lathe.
  • 0xC.pad

    hardware product
    a colorful macropad with hexagonal keys.
  • strap clamps

    hardware tool
    first steps with a manual milling.
  • SubV

    software tool experiment
    transparent RISC-V assembly language inspired by SubX.
  • openxr-zig

    software tool
    Zig bindings for OpenXR.
  • fedidag

    software experiment
    mapping discussions as directed graphs (DAGs).
  • camera cooling mount

    hardware tool
    a fan mount to fix the poor thermals of my camera.
  • Fake Artist

    quarantine implementation of a bluffing-drawing game.
  • btrktrl

    hardware scrap
    an FPGA-based modular MIDI/OSC control surface.
  • watch-cad

    software concept
    immediate-mode scripting for direct-manipulation of graphics.
  • parallax synth panels

    hardware concept
    A Parallax SVG Viewer, for Prototyping (Eurorack) Panels.
  • themer

    software tool
    colorscheme generator and manager for your desktop.
  • Zebra Painting

    a small reaction/dexteriy game about painting zebras.
  • The Sacculos Saga

    game collab
    a series of Point-and-Click minigames with a common structure.
  • VJmidiKit

    software visual tool
    MIDI-reactive realtime visual effects platform.
  • VCVRack Modules

    software music tool
    Plugins for VCV Rack, designed for Oscilloscope Music.
  • center_of_mass

    software experiment
    Fonts aligned by Center-of-Mass.
  • glitch_cube

    software experiment
    program interpreting random parts of itself as textures for a cube.
  • demoloops

    software visual
    geometric 2d and 3d looping animations.
  • torus4d

    software experiment
    Attempt at rendering a spiral pattern on a 4d meta-torus.
  • gayngine

    tool game software
    photoshop-document-based 2d game engine.
  • CHANNEL 83

    a last-gen entertainment experience.
  • Chimpanzee Bukkaque

    music hardware collab
    a ludic mesh of home-built interactive sound devices, circuit bent toys and an improvisational live performance.
  • Plonat Atek

    hardware software game
    a sound-only breakout game, displayable on an oscilloscope and realized in the PureData visual programming environment.
  • IYNX

    hardware software game collab
    a narrative, tangible, physical puzzle incorporating digital elements.
  • Moving Out

    game collab
    a QWOP-y platformer in which you play a room.
  • Lorem Ipsum

    a labyrinth game concering medialisation and multiple viewpoints. developed with the ForChange research alliance.
  • 視能訓練キット

    a puzzle game based on a famicase cartridge design.
  • I looked at the sky and saw two shooting stars but couldn't come up with a wish

    game collab
    a narrative point-and-click adventure.
  • The Monster Within

    game collab
    a top down action brawler with a twist.
  • Curved Curse

    a dungeon shooter with an unconventional gun.
  • Gary, the green-legged Giraffe

    a slightly psychedelic physics puzzler with gary, a green-legged giraffe.
  • HowDoIOS

    software scrap
    a hobby operating system for the dcpu-16 fantasy computer.